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ABS develops business analytics, dashboards & data warehouses

Applied Business Systems (ABS) business intelligence (BI) services for Human Resource (HR), Payroll and Financial systems help departments, companies and global organizations to develop an infrastructure and culture that reflects a "real-time reporting enterprise".

Our BI solutions are rapidly deployable and do not require a major investment. The fact is we quickly deliver a return on investment by leveraging our knowledge of HR, Payroll (HRIS) and Financial system applications, industry best practices, and technical skills with ERP systems and BI tools.

We offer high-value and standalone business intelligence planning, application design and technical support that addresses the key life-cycle phases of a BI project, including:

  • Planning for the Real-Time Reporting Enterprise:
    This study: assesses your existing HRIS and/or Financial system reporting needs and issues; compares the performance of your reporting environment to best practices; and, develops the vision, goals and strategies for you to maximize the value of your DSS and reporting environment.

  • Needs Analysis and Vendor Evaluation:
    A consulting engagement that helps you to identify and prioritize your business intelligence needs, and evaluate vendor solutions for business intelligence software and extraction, transformation and load (ETL) tools

  • Data Mart and/or Data Warehouse Planning and Deployment:
    Consulting support that helps you to plan and rapidly deploy a data mart and/or data warehouse on either a client/server or web-based platform. Proof of concept testing, sample ETL processing and preliminary enterprise planning are also performed

  • Training:
    ABS provides training program design and instruction for management, technical and operational staff

  • Data Mart and/or Data Warehouse Design:
    Provides you with a business, application and technology design including: 1) a high-level enterprise model, 2) design of visualizations, HRIS/Financial reports and management dashboards, 3) design of physical data warehouse and extraction, transformation and load processes involving legacy and ERP systems, such as, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and others

  • Development of Infrastructure, Data Marts/Data Warehouses and Reports:
    ABS consultants help you to build all data mart and/or data warehouse components including: ETL processes, analytical/operational reports, management dashboards, notifications and security

  • Consulting for Specialized Applications:
    For your unique business needs ABS will provide consultants to plan, design and develop business intelligence solutions that may involve global decision support or specialized applications, such as, key performance indicators, compensation planning and budget.
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