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ABS Needs Analysis & Assessments: an Optimal Solution for Change Management, Vendor Evaluation and Software Implementation 

When company leaders are planning corporate initiatives, upgrades or performance improvements for their ERP, Human Resource (HR) and/or Payroll systems ABS consulting services can provide significant value, time and cost savings.
By conducting an ABS Needs Analysis and/or Business Process Review your management can gain the understanding, information and options they need to develop incisive business and operational strategies.
Request the details on how leading companies are using ABS consulting services to maximize performance gains, business value and efficiencies.

Vendor Evaluation of SaaS / Package based ERP, HR/Payroll & BI systems - much more than a Selection Process!

Conducting an evaluation of vendor software (delivered through a Software as a Service "SaaS" system or package) may seem deceptively simple, but the reward for missteps is often great expense and years of lost opportunities.

Review ABS' vendor evaluation approach. Learn how our consulting services help mid-size and global corporations to: select the most appropriate long-term solutions for their business and technology platform; build a foundation that establishes sound goals, strategies and plans for the future; and, deliver success, enterprise-wide.

Success Story: HR/Payroll Transformation

Read this Success Story to review the approach ABS used to transform an industry leader's HR / Payroll (HCM) environment suffering from: the complexities of maintaining 90 union contracts; inflexible and outdated systems; unaligned processes / decision-making across business units; and, high costs. ABS consulting services improve business performance, value & agility

Email, or contact ABS at (805) 845-2464 to receive your copy of this Success Story. Learn how ABS consulting services can deliver improved HR/Payroll and ERP performance, value and agility across your organization.


IBM Cognos 10.X (8.X) Training Solutions

While you expect Cognos BI training to be highly effective, ABS instruction can even exceed your expectations.

Skilled and expert instructors from ABS conduct instructor-led courses and/or design custom built training programs for unique training situations. As a result, companies across North America find the ABS learning experience is ideal for new users, cross-functional teams, remote and/or specialized technology staff.

Discover how ABS training delivers: practical skills using Cognos tools; a sound understanding of best practice Cognos techniques; high quality training manuals; and expert tips on resolving analytical and reporting challenges. 

Hands-on Cognos training taught at your worksite by skilled instructors
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