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ABS Success Stories in HCM, Financial & BI Systems

Applied Business Systems (ABS) success has been achieved in diverse corporations across North America and abroad. We have enabled entrepreneurial and global 100 organizations to plan, evaluate, design and implement solutions that have delivered value and increased productivity across their communities. 

Do you want to know how industry-leading companies rate Applied Business Systems solutions and success? Here's a few quotes:

“The industry experience of ABS produced quick dividends. The Assessment provided a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our decentralized operations, insight into how our competitors and other organizations were delivering Human Capital Management (HCM) services and value, and clarity on the application and systems infrastructure that would deliver the greatest future benefits.”
"Applied Business Systems designed a migration plan to upgrade our Cognos tools and reengineer reporting processes. The approach delivered a highly successful transition and measurable gains in our reporting performance."
"The Cognos training classes Applied Business Systems taught for our IT and departmental staff were highly effective!! The instructors were very knowledgeable and training materials excellent. We improved our skills and learned many tips, techniques and best practices. "
"Applied Business Systems provided the leadership and knowledge to identify the optimal long-term direction for our business operations spread across North America and abroad. They resolved significant challenges, including: large decentralized divisions with diverse industries and cultures; complex and unique applications; multiple software packages; and non-synchronized databases operating on different platforms."
"On-site training from Applied Business Systems was extremely well-designed and highly productive. Their instructors, hands-on workshops and documentation really helped us to understand the software and application processes."
“Throughout the Needs Assessment, Vendor Evaluation and Strategic Planning ABS provided us with the roadmap, objectivity and knowledge base to help design a HCM strategy and select vendor software that would deliver competitive advantage. The solution and direction we chose won a unanimous endorsement from across the organization.”
"As one of the largest companies in our industry we experienced significant operational challenges in HR/Payroll and Financial systems resulting from high volumes, complex business needs and distributed processing. Applied Business Systems developed software and processes that resulted in dramatic savings and improved system reliability."
"The application expertise and technical skills of Applied Business Systems were a great asset to our implementation project.... their consultants were highly productive and accelerated our staff's learning curves... they resolved complex issues that could have been show-stoppers, and even completed key project deliverables ahead of schedule and under budget."
South Carolina Electric & Gas

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