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BI and ETL Vendor Evaluation

Target the highest value BI / ETL software using ABS consulting services In the last few years the number of Business Intelligence (BI) and Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) tools and applications has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, the number of companies that have failed to achieve measurable gains following the software deployment has grown at a similar rate. One of the main reasons cited for this statistic - a flawed vendor evaluation process.

Applied Business Systems (ABS) support for vendor evaluation helps you hit a bull's-eye, first-time. ABS approaches are well-proven, and our FastTrack rapid deployment services are cost-effective. In essence, ABS enables your organization to choose the optimal BI and ETL tools for your environment, and realize a tangible return on investment.

Vendor evaluation services from ABS keep your project on target 

Vendor Evaluation Support

ABS offers FastTrack services (rapid deployment support at a fixed cost) for any of the following vendor evaluation phases:

Assessment of the BI & Reporting environment
BI / ETL Reporting Needs Analysis
Development of RFI& RFP documents
Facilitation of the BI / ETL Vendor Evaluation process

Using ABS vendor evaluation support you can expect many benefits. Knowledgeable consultants; a well-construed approach; productivity aids; questionnaires to speed the gathering of needs; incisive analysis; comprehensive deliverables; easy-to-use vendor scoring systems; and current market analysis. These factors are not only designed to reduce your project timeframes and costs - they also encourage inter-departmental participation and informed decision-making.

ABS offers two alternatives to maximize your flexibility. We can either supplement your in-house project team with resources that have expertise in the area(s) where you need maximum help. Or, we can guide you through one, or more, steps of the vendor evaluation process.

BI & Operational Reporting Environment Assessment

For this phase ABS provides an assessment of:

Business reporting performance compared with best practices
Data issues (e.g. quality, consistency and timeliness)
Existing data sources, data warehouses, and ETL
The support infrastructure for reporting
Business opportunities, problems and issues.

At the conclusion of this phase ABS compiles a management report containing findings, metrics, issues and recommendations. We then review the findings with management and prioritize business opportunities and problems.

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BI / ETL / Reporting Needs Analysis: 

For this phase ABS:

Categorizes and prioritizes reporting types (e.g. analytics, drill-down reporting, etc.)
Analyzes high priority reporting needs
Gathers metrics on the benefits of optimizing reporting processes
Identifies business opportunities, problems and issues 
Identifies report authors and consumers 
Identifies security and report distribution requirements.

At the conclusion of this phase ABS compiles a management report containing findings, metrics, issues and recommendations. We then review the findings with management and identify the types of reporting that could provide maximum benefit.

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Development of RFI and RFP documents for BI / ETL tools:

For this phase ABS:

Reviews the pre-approved format of the RFI/RFP to be produced
Determines the style of RFI/RFP to be produced e.g. selected-function RFP
Translates key needs statements into questions that vendor must provide responses
Develops data and a pre-determined demonstration script that vendor must use and follow
Identifies a pool of qualified vendors
Compiles and presents a RFI/RFP for management approval.

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Facilitation of the BI / ETL Vendor Evaluation process:

For this phase ABS:

Presents a vendor scoring system for management approval. The approved scheme is used to rank vendors according to their RFI/RFP responses, demonstrations, references, market credentials, etc.
Facilitates the vendor presentations, demonstrations, follow-up meetings, reference checks and on-site customer visits
Coordinates the scoring and ranking of vendors
Consolidates vendor evaluation information and presents management with recommendations
Facilitates contract negotiation
Assists in the design of a preliminary deployment and training plan.

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