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Cognos 10 Consulting Services

Best practice Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for Human Resource / Payroll (HRIS) and Financials require a high performance reporting environment. That is, a well-designed technology infrastructure, effective data warehouses, powerful and robust software tools, such as, IBM Cognos 10, highly effective decision support and reporting applications, and a culture that promotes the use of state-of-the-art analytics, dashboards and queries to solve everyday business challenges.

Applied Business Systems' (ABS) consulting services orchestrate all aspects of planning, designing and developing a best practice reporting environment that utilizes IBM Cognos 10 software fully integrated with ERP systems, such as, SAP, and Oracle. For ABS clients this translates into many benefits greater business insight, faster and more consistent decision-making, reduced cycle times, and lower operational costs. cognos

Using expert consultants and well-proven techniques ABS resolves the management, application and technology challenges that commonly arise in BI projects within decentralized, diverse, global or high-volume organizations. Our IBM Cognos 10 consulting services include:

Business and Technology Planning for BI environments
Cognos 10 Migration Planning
Cognos software installation
Cognos 10 training
Needs analysis for HRIS and Financial reporting
Architecture and Infrastructure Plan design
Data Warehouse and Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) design and development
Cognos 10 development

Business and Technology Planning:

ABS planning for BI reporting environments is a three-step process. First, we assess overall needs, opportunities, priorities and challenges; then, we design a vision for future decision support and operational reporting. Second, we identify specific goals and metrics to be achieved. Third, we develop viable strategies to address any infrastructure upgrade, data warehouse and ETL design/development, training, and IBM Cognos 10 development. See our BI Support and Solutions page for details.

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Cognos 10 Installation:

ABS maximizes the value of IBM Cognos 10 software by ensuring that the reporting platform is efficient, stable and flexible. We achieve this by: selecting the most appropriate platform configuration options; conducting realistic proof of concept testing; and analyzing key factors, such as, reporting and environment dynamics, security, potential transaction volumes and numbers of users, network traffic, databases and hardware employed.

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Cognos Training:

Hands-on classes for PowerPlay, Analysis Studio, Query Studio, Report Studio, Framework Manager and other Cognos tools optimize the productivity of project teams, service groups and operational staff. Client evaluations state five main reasons for top-rating ABS instruction. 1. Skilled ABS instructors have years of Cognos reporting experience in the field. 2. Classes utilize real-life data and workshops. 3. Training materials are comprehensive and easy to follow. 4. Group training costs are low. 5. Classes can be scheduled in 2 weeks. See our "Cognos 10 Training" page for more details.

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Needs Analysis for HRIS and Financial Reporting:

ABS analyzes current, and potential future, business needs for BI environments with respect to application functionality, the technology infrastructure and delivery/service support. We can then design effective technologies and reporting solutions having obtained a sound understanding of enterprise-wide reporting needs, corporate technology plans, business processes, opportunities and challenges.

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Architecture and Infrastructure Plan Design:

ABS designs a sound Architecture and Infrastructure plan to ensure that the hardware, ETL processes and network supporting the Cognos BI environment is effective, robust, scalable and economical.

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Data Warehouse and ETL Design / Development:

ABS provides expert application and technical support to facilitate the logical and physical design of a dimensional data warehouse and corresponding ETL processes. To maximize performance we consider all factors that are crucial to the BI reporting environment. For example, primary reporting needs (e.g. forecasting, data mining, or ad hoc query), data updating frequencies (real-time, near real-time or periodic) and potential application growth.

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Cognos 10 Development:

ABS knowledge and techniques integrating IBM Cognos 10 with ERP packages and legacy systems helps our clients to maximize: the benefits of the reporting environment, the value of the HRIS/Financial applications, staff productivity and cost reductions. ABS clients also gain from: consistent design/development standards, productivity tips, report templates and staff cross-training. ABS supports all IBM Cognos 10 tools including: PowerPlay, Transformer, Analysis Studio, Query Studio, Report Studio, Cognos Connection, Cognos Workspace and Impromptu. See our "Cognos BI Solutions" page for more details.

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