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Cognos Conversion Support 

Many companies discover that the conversion of applications, data warehouses and reporting systems from IBM Cognos 7.4, ReportNet and/or 8.X versions to IBM Cognos 10.X is stymied by resource and logistical issues, management dilemmas and/or technology challenges.

Applied Business Systems (ABS) provides our clients with the support they need to ensure success. Skilled instructors and tailored training programs to accelerate the learning of Cognos 10 functionality and capabilities. Productivity tools and conversion techniques to preempt conversion pitfalls and resolve conversion issues. Technology / business consultants with Cognos 10 conversion / implementation expertise to facilitate an efficient and low-cost conversion.

ABS support for your Cognos 7.4, ReportNet and/or 8.X to Cognos 10 conversion can encompass:  

§         Designing and conducting a cost-effective Cognos 10 training program for your project team and departmental users

§         Cognos 10 consulting services to conduct a proof of concept test, convert critical reports to Report or Analysis Studio, and/or troubleshoot conversion, configuration and/or business issues

§         Cognos migration planning to analyze the cost / benefits of a “lift and shift” versus “best business value” approach for the conversion of critical applications and reports

§         Configuring Cognos 10 software and security for training, development and/or production environments

§         Developing efficient ways to identify and resolve issues arising from Migration Assistant and the conversion of catalogs, models, cubes, file and report picklists, complex calculations and functions, etc.

§         Executing an effective test plan and/or resolving Cognos 10 performance issues.

Contact ABS or call (805) 845-2464 to request more details, or to discuss your issues and concerns.

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