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IBM Cognos Training - Why Applied Business Systems?
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Email Applied Business Systems, or call (805) 845-2464, if you would like to schedule your Cognos instruction, discuss your training or project mentoring needs, or receive a copy of our latest Cognos training catalog outlining our course agendas, durations and pre-requisites.  

Cognos Training Classes and Instruction

Cognos Training classes for versions 10.X (8.X and previous ReportNet releases)

Follow the above link to view our onsite, instructor-led classes for Cognos 10.X and ReportNet. Note that all courses may be taught using client specific, or generic, data.

Cognos 7 Training classes

Follow the above link to view our onsite, instructor-led classes for Cognos 7.X

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Cognos Project Mentoring

Applied Business Systems offers Cognos project mentoring for corporations implementing major BI initiatives with minimal assistance from external project resources. Typically, the goal of these organizations is to maximize the benefits of Cognos technologies, accelerate knowledge transfer, but minimize project timeframes and risks.

Applied Business Systems helps our clients achieve their goals by offering Cognos project mentoring solutions that incorporate well-construed project plans, productivity aids and cost-effective services, such as:
Project planning outlines and roadmaps for BI strategy planning, Cognos software installation and testing, needs analysis, report conversion, proof of concept projects, etc.
Sample project plan deliverables.
Established techniques for conducting business/technical assessments, needs analysis, upgrades, conversions and development.
Best practice standards for the design of dimensional data warehouses, ETL, Framework Manager models, key performance indicators, cubes, queries, analytical and professional reports, etc.
Performance tuning techniques and trouble-shooting.
Facilitators and/or expert resources to conduct or participate in strategy and project planning, structured walkthroughs, Fit/Gap sessions, etc.
Technical consultants to support Cognos prototyping, proof of concepts, and/or pilot application development.
Business consultants to help departments: address change management, streamline and re-engineer business processes, and adopt new technologies.

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Cognos Training - Why Applied Business Systems?

Low-cost Cognos training

Applied Business Systems offers on-site, instructor-led Cognos training using your unique application, or generic, data to accelerate staff learning speed and reduce travel time and costs.

Professional Cognos Instructors; Expert BI Consultants

Instructors from Applied Business Systems are highly skilled Cognos trainers and acknowledged Cognos BI experts. We leverage our skills to: guide students through our classes and workshops, provide valuable tips and techniques, and help you overcome problematic business and/or technology issues.

Focused Cognos training tailored to your Business Needs and Data

According to our clients, Applied Business Systems offers the highest return on their training investment. They state the following reasons: 1) our on-site training focuses on developing student understanding and skills specific to their needs and data; and, 2) expert instructors provide more personalized attention than any other training methods for solving reporting issues and challenges.

Efficient and well-designed courses; highly effective Cognos training materials

Applied Business Systems develops and maintains efficient Cognos training agendas, well-designed educational materials and real-life classroom workshops based upon our global Cognos training and consulting experience. As a result, students attending our classes gain hands-on skills using Cognos in their own environment, tips, techniques, and training materials that double both as training manuals and an invaluable reference for the future.

More than just a Cognos Training company

For times when you need a little more support, Applied Business Systems offers expert business and technical consultants to supplement your internal project resources. We can provide a BI expert to resolve a challenging business issue; a project manager to develop a rapid-deployment project plan; or a team of Cognos skilled consultants to expedite the development of project deliverables.

Cognos training when you need it most

With Applied Business Systems itís easy to schedule Cognos training classes at your preferred training center when they are most convenient for your staff and ideal for your project timeline.

Custom Cognos training programs

For times when you have a unique training need, such as, designing training programs for diverse communities in different geographies, Applied Business Systems will work with your staff to develop specialized training programs and course materials, workshops and/or multi-media. Please call for details.

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