ABS onsite training & support for IBM Cognos: group training delivered at your worksite

 Skilled instructors, expert consultants, well-designed training agendas and easy-to-follow Cognos training materials maximize the value of ABS training

IBM Cognos Training Options  -  an ABS Triple Play!

Applied Business Systems’ (ABS) onsite training and support services for IBM Cognos BI tools gives you the opportunity to deliver cost-effective learning and development solutions across your organization. And, by using skilled ABS instructors who are also expert BI consultants, you can benefit from instruction that focuses on your staff training needs, reporting challenges and unique data.

ABS training and support provides many other advantages. Employee travel time and costs are minimized. Training is easy to schedule when you need it most. Reporting issues and best practice techniques are discussed in face-to-face discussions. Valuable reports are developed as workshops and case studies. Easy-to-follow training materials double as an invaluable future reference.

To maximize the value of IBM Cognos training from ABS, choose one of the following options to best suit your learning needs:

IBM Cognos training using Generic Data.   Training content follows our well-proven agendas, but may be tailored to your environment. Hands-on exercises, workshops and case studies use "generic" data from “Sample” databases.
IBM Cognos training courses taught in conjunction with your unique data.   Under this option ABS develops custom exercises and workshops using data from your environment. As a result, students are quickly exposed to models, analyses and reporting solutions specific to your business.
Custom training courses.   For times when you have unique training needs ABS will work with your staff to develop training materials, workshops and case studies that are ideally suited to your requirements.

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