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Data Warehouse Design & Development -
ABS Drives You to the Goal Line

ABS data warehouse consulting services are designed to produce a return on investment, fast. Unlock crucial information that is often hidden within disparate Human Resource (HR), Payroll and Financial systems. Increase your staff productivity and improve decision support capabilities internally - within HR, Payroll and Finance; and externally - across related departments throughout the organization.
Specifically, our data warehouse design and development solutions add business value by integrating data from one or more ERP systems (e.g. from SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft) with other cross-platform systems, and optimizing information storage and retrieval for queries, reporting and analysis.
Our data warehouse consulting services have been well-proven on an industry-wide basis. In fact, entrepreneurial start-up companies, organizations with unique environments, and world-leading global corporations with diverse cultures have equally benefited by utilizing ABS solutions, knowledge and skills. Let the design team from ABS develop your data warehouse game plan

ABS services may be utilized individually to fast-track a specific project deliverable or resolve a unique business / technology challenge. Alternatively, our consulting solutions may be combined into an overall services package that addresses an entire project phase, or a complete data warehouse implementation. 

The services and solutions we offer encompass:

Data Warehouse Planning, Assessments and Evaluations:  

Review and assessment of business processes, infrastructure and strategies*
Business development, technology and architecture planning*
Evaluation of databases, BI, ETL (extract, transformation and load) and modeling tools*.

Data Warehouse Design:

Identification and critical review of business needs*
Business Process Review and Reengineering
Logical and physical design of data warehouses, data marts and meta data
Analytical modeling of HR, Payroll and Financial information*
Design of ETL processes, security specification and report delivery.

Data Warehouse Development:

Development of data marts and analytical reporting models*
Development of specialized ETL processes for single or multiple ERP software products, "near real-time" updates, cross-application and cross-platform data integration
HR, Payroll and Financial system business development to optimize decision support
Performance tuning* and data cleansing.
* "ABS FastTrack Solution":  Specialized services that may be deployed in a fixed and rapid timeframe

Data Warehouse Design Philosophy:

A sound data warehouse design provides a platform that satisfies analytical, ad hoc and operational reporting needs AND is easily adaptable for legislative, corporate and business change on an enterprise-wide basis.
Each data warehouse development project we undertake seeks to achieve the following design standards:
Develop a nimble, expandable data warehouse that promotes efficient analytical and on-demand reporting
Provide easy access to all critical application data through industry standard reporting tools
Facilitate the development of real-world HR, Payroll and/or Financial system reporting solutions that rely on timely and accurate data from complex applications, multiple packages and platforms, and potentially high volume data sources
Minimize the costs and design integrity risks from ongoing data warehouse enhancements and/or vendor upgrades 
Create a responsive culture and infrastructure that promotes and sustains sound, responsive and efficient decision-making
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