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The value of a high performance Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting environment within HRIS and Financial systems can be substantial. Instantaneous access to consistent and accurate information. Quicker reaction time to business opportunities and issues. Greater business flexibility. Increased productivity. Reduced costs. Decreased cycle times. Survival.

The quality of any Data Warehouse and BI experience, however, depends on how well you plan the journey and the knowledge and skills of your guide.

Applied Business Systems (ABS) planning solutions steer Data Warehouse and BI projects to success. We preempt many of the common difficulties, and resolve the technology and business challenges that can halt your progress, just as wrapping your raft can prematurely end your rafting adventure. 

The key differentiator of ABS solutions is our ability to effectively address: the deployment of technologies, streamlining of business processes, and development of a self-improving culture. That is, the three factors which critically impact the benefits realized from any Data Warehouse and BI project. Our clients, which range from entrepreneurial start-up companies to global industry-leaders, also like the fact that ABS Data Warehouse and BI services are scalable and produce rapid results.

ABS helps you develop high performance data warehouses and decision support systems

"ABS successfully led us through a major BI conversion; and, we achieved measurable gains" 

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If you are consolidating financial systems data across disparate platforms, deploying a learning management system, or designing unique decision support applications for your HR or Financial systems, ABS can help you maximize the return on your investment by offering you standalone or combined services in planning, leadership, technologies, or applications, including:

Business Assessments and Analyses:  
Assessment of reporting environments; identification of problematic processes and issues*
Needs analysis for Decision Support and Operational reporting
Business Process Review and Reengineering
Design of metrics and goals for process improvement and reporting performance.
Technology Assessments:
Assessment of reporting infrastructure throughput, capacity, capability and security*
Assessment of Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) performance and capabilities*
Assessment of source systems, Data Warehouse connectivity, data quality and currency*
Needs analysis for data warehouses, data marts and ETL processes.
Strategic Planning for Data Warehouses and BI Applications:
Development of Vision, Goals and Strategies related to the building of a high performance Data Warehouse and/or BI reporting environment
Design methodology for data updates (e.g. real-time versus incremental) and archival
Design methodology for the deployment of analytical applications (e.g. multi-dimensional cubes, dashboards and portals) and operational reporting (e.g. web-based queries, compliance reporting, etc.).
* "ABS FastTrack Solution":  Specialized services that may be deployed in a fixed and rapid timeframe

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