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eZ Extract for Ledger Reporting

eZ Extract is a high performance reporting tool that expands your Ledger reporting capabilities by providing:

Easy to use features through its point-and-click interface and modular design
More power to meet complex report formatting and calculation needs. This can eliminate time-consuming activities, such as, copying of data into presentation software
Faster performance to deliver information at blazing speed - even when you have to distribute hundreds of report views against a Chart of Accounts with one million plus rows
Full integration with Geac SmartStream and/or the capability of being used as an independent module.

eZ Extract is designed with the report developer in mind.  That's why we utilize MS Access plus MS Access Basic integrating eZ Extract with standard SmartStream tools like Query, Structures and Layers. The result?  Reduced learning curves and the flexibility to address even the most difficult of reports. See, for example, the following Success Story.

To get a better understanding of eZ Extract's capabilities, power, and performance review the sample Monthly Income Statement produced from this reporting tool, and note the following:

The sample is a one-page, summarized "view" of Canada Revenue. eZ Extract views are user defined and may be distributed via Intranet, e-mail or report distribution software
Hundreds of views can be efficiently produced, even with a Ledger Master file of one million plus rows, since eZ Extract data extraction is a one-pass process
Specialized calculations and formatting can be defined on a cell by cell basis. See for example, cells:   "CY - EPS", and "Earnings Per Share"
Due to eZ Extract's modular component design and easy-to-use user interface, developing a report with even scores of sections (for example, Gross Margin, Total Expense, etc.) is neither time-consuming or difficult.

eZ Extract Demo Software

You can evaluate the capabilities of eZ Extract by requesting a demo version of eZ Extract. Simply call (805) 845-2464, or e-mail us.

As part of this package you will receive:

Instructions on how to load eZ Extract (allow approximately 15 minutes)
Demo software, sample Ledger data, Structures and Layers
Complete user reference containing comprehensive information, examples and tips
Numerous pre-constructed financial reports that you can execute and review key eZ Extract features
A one hour "real-time" presentation of eZ Extract capabilities.


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