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Financial, HR and Payroll Strategic Planning

"Applied Business Systems provided the leadership and knowledge to identify the optimal long-term direction for our business operations spread across North America and abroad."

-  Fortune 100 Executive

Financial and/or HR / Payroll (HRIS) strategic planning is the management process of establishing and updating the nature, direction and focus of future business services, operations and systems.

Strategic planning is critical to business sustainability, and Financial / HRIS strategic plans must meet the needs and objectives of the organization, employees, shareholders and stakeholders.

Applied Business Systems (ABS) facilitates the development of a Financial and/or HRIS Strategic Plan by:

Developing and Formalizing Strategies, that is:

Assessing overall departmental performance. Specifically, analyzing how well corporate goals are being met by a Finance and/or HRIS department; and determining how the value, cost-effectiveness and risks of services and systems compare with other similar organizations.
Performing a Gap analysis that compares “Where we are” to “Where we should be.” The analysis identifies opportunities and the value, costs, issues and risks for implementing “change.”
Strategizing and formalizing departmental goals and objectives.

Designing Tactics and Project Plans, that is:

Developing short-term tactical plans to achieve departmental goals.

Evaluating the Success of Strategies by:

Monitoring the progress of tactical plans and effectiveness of strategies. Refining strategies and tactics, as necessary.

Designing and implementing strategic and tactical plans for Financial and HRIS departments may involve: Business Process Reviews, Needs Assessments (Operational, System and/or Organizational), Vendor Evaluations, Business Transformations, software conversions and implementations. Review how ABS addresses and produces business value from each of these activities by following the above links.

Developing a Financial or HRIS strategic / tactical plan for your organization? Contact ABS to discuss your challenges and obtain some tips.

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