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Vendor Selection - HR, Payroll, HRMS and Financial Systems

Guiding companies through the life-cycle of vendor selection for Human Resource (HR), Payroll, Financial systems and/or services is our specialty. Applied Business Systems (ABS) not only helps our clients to select the most advantageous vendor solutions, but formulates strategies, goals and metrics which maximize long-term benefits and Return on Investment (ROI).

ABS Vendor Selection support is well-proven in small or multi-national corporations, and organizations which have diverse communities, cultures and/or industries. As a result, we have developed innovative techniques, productivity tools and knowledge that: provide a better understanding of business opportunities and issues, vendor capabilities and limitations; reduce implementation timeframes and transformation costs; and, improve corporate flexibility and staff productivity.

Expert business and technical consultants from ABS guide you through the key Vendor Selection tasks for software packages, SaaS - Software as a Service, hosted solutions, and/or outsourced administration/support/systems), including:

Strategic Planning:

Development of a business mission, goals and strategies (e.g. design a viable strategy to externally host an integrated and global set of HR, Payroll and Financial systems)
Technology and Architecture planning
Justification of software/hardware acquisitions
Design of a Project Charter.

Analysis and Assessment:

Business Process Review (BPR) (including a business, technology and/or organizational Assessment)
Needs Analysis, Assessments and Fit / Gap analysis.

Vendor Selection:

Identification of Vendor products and services
Translation of a Needs Analysis document into a Request for Proposal (RFP)
Facilitation of Vendor demos and/or Proof of Concept tests
Ranking of Vendor products and services
Vendor contract negotiations.

Pre-Implementation Planning:

Design of a training, transformation and implementation plan
Resource planning
Planning the installation and configuration of Financials and/or HR / Payroll software solutions.

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